To develop the competitive ability in children to survive in the challenging environment. Improve our services with each and every student, school and our authorized Franchisee. To give quality and to be service leaders among the children and parents, as the most trusted corporate in the field of education.


internationally well-known powerful brain development programme for children aged 5 to 13 years to develop their latent mental power at their early age.Become a Trained Abacus Teacher/ faculty and open your own Abacus Academy. Training, Marketing Support, and Teaching material will be provided. We also give Franchisee for Vedic math, Memory Technique, and Handwriting Improvement Courses. We have for the First Time in India Introduced ABACUS COURSE for Students of class 1 and above the whole course(8 Levels) are completed in 24 Months only. It also consists of Vedic Math and Memory Technique Topics. It is Faster, Better and Cheaper with all the benefits of Regular Course.

About Us!

Gcmas has engraved its name in the field of education ever since its inception in the year 2009 with its roots in India. Since then, the company has thrived on delivering quality education solutions to a large number of students across the globe.

Handwriting Script

Script Handwriting offers unique conceptual programs that provide all handwriting solutions as we analyze, repair, add speed and style to handwriting. Our experts provide handwriting tips to beginners, students, adults and professionals. Our innovative methods not only…

Vedic Math

Welcome to the wonderful world of Vedic mathematics. A science lost due to the advent of modernmathematics.Vedic mathematics – a gift given to this world by the ancient sages of India. A system which is far more simple and enjoyable than modern mathematics. Research shows…