Quality Policy

GCMAS continuously works towards the improvement of its curriculum and training techniques for the delightment of students and teachers. GCMAS believes in growing with the satisfaction of associates. We strive for the satisfaction of students, parents, teachers, franchisees and all the people directly and indirectly associated with our organization.

Courses Structure for students :

    • The complete course is of 10 levels.
    • The duration of each level is three months.
    • Weekly two hours class.
    • The course covers solving arithmetic problems mentally using additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions, square roots, cube roots, LCM, GCD, & Decimal Calculations with multiple digits

Benefits to the Students:

    • Increases the ability to do mental arithmetic calculations at a greater level.
    • Improves Speed & Accuracy in solving problems.
    • Boosts up Concentration & Memory Power.
    • Develops Reasoning & Logical Ability.
    • Leads to Whole Brain Development.
    • Increases Imagination & Creativity.
    • Prepares them to win competition from childhood.